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Xen’ela (JEneELa)
Female keeper of spiritual and magickal cosmic knowledge in this current time on Earth. LaSyah messenger.



Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Lisa. I have been known spiritually as Oseaana and have owned and run the highly successful spiritual business PumpkinCottageConjure.com and Oseaana.com for over 15 years. As a Priestess, teacher, reader, and witch with 25+ years experience, I have helped thousands of people all over the world in the realm of metaphysics and spirituality.

In 2018 my life and career took a different path and I decided to retire from full-time professional spiritual work to focus on curating the fashion and wellness boutique Glam Pretties. However, as a Cosmic Priestess, I decided to keep this blog as place to share my experience and knowledge and also be a beacon for women who may need or want this knowledge as well.


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The beginning of The Xen’ela Chronicles

Before I can even get into any details about my life as Xen'ela, Cosmic Priestess, I have to give you some background information. This isn't a path that is well known and it isn't something that is shared often. 

If you do a simple Google search you will not be able to find any information at all. You will have to dig, decode, find the right sources, ask questions, and dig more to get to the information.

I have been tasked with being one of the few women who is bringing this information to light in current times. It is part of my training as Xen'ela and is why I am now sharing it here.

The Xen'ela Chronicles will be from current and past experiences. I will share with you what I can and answer any questions that I can.

Please know I understand that much of this may not make sense to many. It's a path that is unfamiliar yet touches certain women deeply as if they have lived this in a past life or known this before. So just flow with this process.

Below is the basis and background of my first steps on to the Xen'ela path. It is through the LaSyah that I bring to you these insights...

The Lore...

The Children of LaSy are from the LaSy star system many light years away. The beings from the home planet are called LaSyah.

No one knows where the LaSy star system came from and when it began. It just was. Many believe it was the LaSyah themselves that created the star system and many others. Some believe that the LaSyah are the star system. In fact, these stories are in their prophecies and in their lore.

According to many, it is these prophecies that sent the LaSyah out to the Earth planet in the Fourth Corridor Galaxy known as The Milky Way. The LaSyah traveled light years to Earth to once again begin a new race of beings.

When the LaSyah arrived at Earth they created the Mysteries and Spirits. For without Spirit no being can be. Then the LaSyah created the beings in their image and ruled there for one hundred thousand years until a group of LaSyah disbanded and created The Faction.

The Faction took a path away from Spirit. They coveted the wealth of the land and bounty of the precious stones found on Earth. The LaSyah split and The Faction began harvesting the land beyond the spiritual allotment.

Over many tens of thousands of years, The Faction gained control and split the lands and seas into countries and city-states governed by few to rule over many. Soon the Mysteries and Spirit were forgotten and The Faction took advantage of their prominent status to turn Spirit into religion. Many LaSyah were forced off Earth.

The LaSyah who stayed went underground to continue the important work of Spirit and healing the Earth. They thrived and eventually assimilated into the societies The Faction created almost to the point of being unrecognizable. The LySyah Elders and the Elders of The Faction reached an agreement that the remaining LySyah could stay and practice their ways out of the public eye.

And so, over time, the LaSyah grew and prospered in this new world keeping to their old ways in secret and awaiting the day that the prophecies would continue to guide them and bring The Return.

Female LaSyah are called ti'bon. They hold the scared power and energy of the Universe. This energy is called a'se and can be seen in their long hair with glowing electric tips. The a'se is what connects them to source energy, Earth and LaSy.

Male LaSyah are called cal'e. They are strong protectors of the sacred power and energy known as a'se. For cal'e to keep the vital a'se flowing through their bodies ti'bon must share their energy with cal'e in what is known as The Embrace.

Each LaSyah has unique markings on their bodies known as chart markings that depict their soul blueprint. It tells the tale of who their star families are, who their Earthly grandparents were, and what their destiny is. These markings glow and flow with the energy of a'se.

The Prophecy of The Return speaks of a ti'bon and cal'e who will lead their people through full disclosure and finally bring balance back to Earth.

Recent Chronicles…