Life as a Cosmic Priestess ain't all that it's cracked up to be.


It’s March and I am finally able to devote some time to The Chronicles. There have been so many questions and injuries from followers so thank you for your patience.

Being a Cosmic Priestess means being in tune with cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is ethereal, it isn’t at all grounded and it isn’t Earth-based. It isn’t even spiritual, because spirituality is something that is connected to the body.

I guess the best way to describe it is to say it is soul energy outside of the body. So being a physical being living this path isn’t easy. In fact, I have come to find that most Cosmic Priestesses have extreme difficulties with their physical bodies. It’s like mixing oil and water.

The Nesin, who in simple terms is my cosmic mother/guide, puts it like this…

“In the Earth Realm, in our human form, our bodies urge to experience what our souls have experienced. Yet our bodies are limited. They have a beginning and an end. Our souls don’t understand that so it pushes at the boundaries of our bodies.”

The Nesin once had a physical form here on Earth so she knows what she is talking about. Her struggles with her own physical body are similar to what many Cosmic Priestesses and other women go through. Our souls aren’t happy with limitations.

My own physical struggles right now have manifested in health issues. In another blog post I will share how an intense out of body experience sent that into overdrive, but right now I wanted to share this with you.

Lisa Parker